What is Debt Counselling?

Debt Counselling is a voluntary process created by Government in the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 to assist/enable over-indebted consumers.

The aim of the Debt Counselling is to rearrange the consumer’s debts in order to meet their monthly living expenses, to pay each of their creditors as much as they can afford and to settle their debts in a timeous period. DCGsa has the best Debt Solutions for you!

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Benefits of Debt Counselling

  • Tailored payment structure to suit your individual needs
  • No more garnishees
  • Pay off your debts in a reasonable time
  • One affordable monthly instalment
  • Installments reduced by up to 50%
  • Reduced interest rates by consent of creditor
  • Have sufficient funds for living expenses
  • Credit Providers must communicate with your Debt Counselor, not you
  • You will be Legally protected against your creditors
  • Legally clear your “blacklisting” by getting a clearance certificate

Current Rates

Prime Interest Rate 10.00%
Repo Rate 6.50%
CPI Inflation Rate 5.1%

Take the first step Today

Do not be ashamed to take the first step and ask for help with your debt. With the current economy and regular increase of costs of basic needs, people are more and more in debt and in need of help. Most people are too proud to ask for assistance before it is too late. If you feel you are in need of help or creditors are phoning you frequently asking when you are making your next payment you need to be realistic and take that first step to getting help.

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Why Choose DCGsa

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It is embarrassing to explain to someone that you have problems with your debt, I at least thought it would be. But the staff at DCGsa made me feel so comfortable with talking about my problem. There is a stigma attached to debt, but if we talk about it especially to someone who can help you it is such a burden off your shoulders. I am with DCGsa and I will be getting my Clearance Certificate that clears my credit bureau in 2 years. I am very happy and I can now live stress free.
Amanda | August, 2015

What to Expect

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The word Debt just makes me want to hide. I used to ignore the unknown numbers calling me and not go fetch registered letters. But after seeing one of the DCGsa ladies in the mall after my credit card was declined at a shop I knew it was a sign that I should get help. Thank goodness, I have only been under debt counselling now for 4 months, but the relief I have is amazing, no more sleepless nights, I have enough money for everything in the month. Thanks to Casper and his team.

December, 2017

Our Standards of Service

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When my sister died I was the surety on her debts, I needed help getting all the debt i know had sorted out. I found DCGsa through the newspaper and I knew I was at the right place when I went into their East London office for my assessment, because everyone treated me with such dignity and very professionally. I am debt free now and I can breath!
Sheila| June, 2018

NCR Information Brochure – Click on the link below to know your rights as a consumer.
NCR – Information Brochure (ENGLISH)

NCR – Information Brochure (XHOSA)

NCR – Information Brochure (AFRIKAANS)